Paparadelle Carbonara with Truffles

Matt Wilkinson & Diana Desensi




56gm whole eggs

112gm egg yolks

250gm durum wheat semolina 

1tbls olive oil

20gm Fresh Truffle (keep a little aside to finish)


2 free range eggs (separated)

120 gm Guanciale (Italian cured pork)

50ml white wine (any! if its ok to drink, you can cook with it) 100 gm Pecorino (keep whole, you will grate fresh)



Black pepper


1. To make the dough, start by weighing out eggs. Add in olive oil & combine. 

2. Make a well on the bench with the semolina & slowly add egg mixture, using a fork to mix as you go. Once combined into lose dough, knead on to a floured bench until smooth. (5-8 minutes) Allow to rest for 1 day before using.

3. Cut the dough in half & roll each piece through a pasta roller on the widest setting, fold in half & roll through again repeating the process until the dough is silky smooth. 

4. Pass through the roller reducing the settings until the dough is approximately 2mm thick & 10cm wide. At this stage, shave truffle sporadically on one half width wise on to the sheet of pasta. Fold like a book & run through roller once more on the second last setting. You will be left with a ‘stain glass truffle effect’ in your dough. 

5. Cut into pappardelle & place aside. 

6. Have a pot of rolling salted water & a heavy based fry pan ready.

7. Cook off guanciale until fat has rendered.  Simultaneously add pasta to the water, 3 minutes should do it. 

8. Deglaze the guanciale with white wine, turn the pan off & add pasta & a little of the pasta water. Add butter, pecorino & toss for a few minutes with residual heat to combine. Add salt & pepper then toss again. Once glossy, you’re ready to plate.   

9. To serve, place an egg yolk carefully in the middle, then shave remainder truffle all over.

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